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  • Boeing Aircraft Production Hangar for the Dreamliner 787 at Paine Field, WA
  • Inside the Boeing Aircraft Dreamliner 787 Production Hangar at Paine Field, WA
  • Boeing Temporary Production - Air Flow, Air Quality, Eliminate Dust - A Fabric Building within a Building
  • Hampton Lumber Bulk Fuel Storage - Industrial Fabric Buildings
  • Hampton Lumber Bulk Fuel Storage - Foundation Detail
  • Configure Bulk Commodity, Equipment and Work-Flow Mobility - Free Span Interior
  • Port Authority - The Largest of Fabric Buildings in the USA at the Time of Installation
  • Fidalgo Bay Remediation Facility - Environmental Solution
  • New Era Technologies Composting with Aeration for Manufacturing Quality Soil
  • Tagro Bio Solids and New Era Composting Fabric Buildings Not Affected by Corrosive Environments
  • Krause Manufacturing Recycling Operations - Pick Line - Sorting Recyclable Materials
  • Fabric Covered Buildings Utilized For Waste Management
  • WA DOT - Economical - Rapid Deployment - Corrosion Resistant - Superior Salt Protection
  • Equipment Storage - Auto and Truck Storage - Vehicle Showrooms
  • Sand Point Indoor Tennis Center, Seattle, WA - 2 Crossover Fabric Buildings
  • Tough Fabric Buildings for Mining and Exploration
  • Entertainment, Exhibitions, Convention Centers, Special Events and Wedding Facilities
  • Buildings for Oil and Gas - Petroleum and Refinery Operations - Warehousing
  • Public Works Fabric Buildings - Water Treatment Plants, Salt Storage, Parking Fabric Buildings
  • Quick Install - Quick Occupancy - Economical Solution - Manufacturing, Warehousing and Storage
  • Preserve Nutritional Value - Less Spoilage, Less Dust, Less Moisture - Easy Access and Maneuverability
  • Protect Hay - Plenty of Light - Great Air Movement - Easy to Stack - Less Spoilage
  • Fertilizer Storage, Blending, Processing - Efficiently Configure Stock Piles and Equipment
  • Roping and Riding Arenas - Stables - Rodeo Arenas - Dressage
  • Boat Storage - Showrooms - Repair Facilities - Marine Storage - Cargo Shelter - Dry Dock Operations
  • Milestones' - 2 Crossover Buildings - Sand Point Tennis Center - Magnuson Park, Seattle, WA


Advantages of Milestones Industrial Fabric Covered Buildings


Fabric covered buildings from Milestones, where you can purchase the best industrial structures at the lowest price. We've served all industries and commercial trades. Milestones is a prominent industrial fabric buildings supplier, specializing in the strongest, high performing, top quality fabric covered buildings that protect investments and product value.  Our fabric buildings have become the first-choice of many businesses.


The Strongest Industrial Fabric Buildings -


Milestones Crossover Fabric Covered Buildings use rigid, solid steel beams, creating the strongest structures with the highest level of technology that has been developed in the fabric building industry today. Milestones truss arch fabric buildings, though they have open web truss frames, are stronger fabric buildings because they are manufactured with heavier gauge steel tubing. 

Our fabric covered structures are engineered for high performance in severe conditions. All our fabric buildings have the strength required to defy harsh weather, caustic storage and heavy use. We deliver strong industrial fabric covered buildings that have rigid steel frames or heavier gauge steel tubing than what other manufacturers use.


Our Fabric Covered Buildings Have Build-to-Suit Dimensions -


We supply fabric buildings in any and all sizes wanted, needed or required. The "profiles" page lists the sizes of all our structures.  If your size isn't listed, our Crossover Fabric Buildings rigid steel frame enables it to be manufactured in widths of 30' to 300' wide and wider with no support columns.  Build-to-suit dimensions including width, height, length, leg heights, inside center height and roof slope dimensions come with the purchase of our Crossovers. These fabric buildings come in dimensions that equal your needs.


99% Lead Free Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Frames -


Our fabric covered buildings have hot dip galvanized steel frames. We are 1 of 2 building suppliers in the USA that do not add lead to the zinc process. Our hot dip galvanized steel frames are 99.999% lead free; 100% galvanized, with continuous coverage on our fabric buildings purlins and trusses. The hot dip galvanizing process is done after the welding and fabrication process is complete on our fabric covered buildings.


Our Fabric Covered Buildings Have Greater Longevity -


When the structure's use will be the storage of corrosive materials like salt and sand, fertilizer and compost, Milestones protects its fabric covered buildings' steel frames with 3.9 mils of hot dip galvanizing. That is 300% more than other manufacturers, who use .9 mils. Our hot dip galvanizing is done after all steel frames are welded and fabrication is complete. All bolts, nuts and washers used in our fabric buildings are zinc coated and sealed with an organic coating to protect them from corrosion. Our fabric covered buildings are not only stronger, but they last longer due to our steel galvanizing processes and heavier fabric. There is no better way to protect  fabric buildings from rust and corrosion than hot dip galvanization. 


Genuine World-Class Customer Service  -


We strive to meet and exceed customer expectations by providing pre and post sale customer service. The Milestones Service System includes 6 Service Modules: Fabric Buildings and Accessories, Project Management, Engineering, Foundation and Site Work, Installations and Preventive Maintenance Service Packages. Our personnel focus on providing customers with the ultimate value for the intended use of their fabric covered buildings. Get world-class customer service while purchasing Milestones fabric covered buildings.


Milestones Fabric Buildings Solutions -


The smart choice, providing a better return per investment in industries such as aviation, mining, salt and sand storage, grain, recycling, composting, waste management, oil and gas, sports and athletics, warehouses, hay, fertilizer, livestock and bulk storage commodities.  Milestones is committed to providing excellence in building products, designs and service.




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